Frances Pooley


TSODU with Amy Gwilliam
DIY Your Own Show with Amy Gwilliam (Monobox)
Shakespeare in a week Workshop with Owen Horsley (Monobox)
African Dance Intensive with Mbulelo Ndabeni (Monobox)
Expanding the Range with Michael Gilhooly (Monobox)
Dynamic Choices: Reclaiming Agency for the Actor Workshop with Roger Evans (Monobox)
Shakespeare Masterclass with Joseph Marcell (Monobox)
Regional British Accents Workshop with Natalie Grady (Monobox)
Wirework Workshop with Dan Styles, Austin Spangler, Hester Campbell, Ronin Trainer & Reuben Mosley (Independant Drama)
Restoration Comedy Workshop with Annie Tyson (Monobox)
Break the Habit Voice Workshop with Nick Trumble (Monobox)
Accent Intensive with Natalie Grady (Monobox)
Audition Masterclass with Annie Tyson (Monobox)
We’ll Fix it in Post: Connecting Voice & Accent in on Screen Performance Workshop with Rebecca Gausnell (Monobox)
All in the Mind Workshop with Sam Redford (Monobox)
Audition Workshop with Annie Tyson (Monobox)
Apprentice Actor at Curve Theatre, Leicester
Acting for Screen Masterclass for NYT members
Monologue Masterclass with Nicolas Pinnock
National Youth Theatre Summer Acting Course